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Viernes 14 de Mayo de 2021
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Home Downloads Download Joomla 3 ¿cómo responderias esta 4 pregunta?10 puntos?

¿cómo responderias esta 4 pregunta?10 puntos?

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¿cómo responderias esta 4 pregunta?10 puntos?
primeros tienes que leer estos tres cuadros y cuego responde. -Read and check. CUADRO UNO. Name Daniel Maley Nationality:American. Age: 14 Pet hates: i can´t stand waiting in line. Interests: i am on the school basketball team and i was the captain last year. i am crazy about computers. Experience: i got a good grade in english on my final exam and i enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. Why are you appllyin for the job? I wnated to join the web siste last year but Iapplied too late. I love doing new things. CUADRO NUMERO 2 Name tara bety. Nationality:American. Age: 14 Pet hates: i am scared of spiders. Interests:i am interested in sports and in doing new things. I love meeting people and socialinzing. experience: i worked for the school radio station last year. i didn´t write material but i learned a lot about reporting and interviewing. Why are you appllyin for the job? i hope to work for the chicago tribune one day. CUADRO NUMERO 3. Name :vicky overmars Nationality: South african Age:15 pet hates: i can´ t stand discrimination Interests: i am keen on water sports --- specially surfing and water--skiing. Experience:I wrote for the school magazines in my previos school in cape town. Why are you applying for job? beacuse it´ s a great way to get to know anew school and a new city. Si leyeron el cuadro pueden responder las preguntas: a-who has writing experience? b-who wants to get to know chicago? c-who wants to become a reporter one day? d-who is very friendly? la ultima es aparte.-who is the best candidate for the job? No se olviden de las estreellas.
By alverto on 2011-04-07 10:28:14

Best Answer: a. Vicky has writing experience/ The one with writing experience is Vicky b. Tara wants to know Chicago. c. Tara wants to become a reporter one day. d. Tara is the very friendly one. e. Tara is the best candidate because she is the most qualified one. Así?
By El Mismísimo Dios


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